Developing Wholistic Confidence

Through Awareness, Action and Accountability

Do you ever ask...

Is this all there is? or wonder How did I get here?
Have you gotten off-track, even a bit lost, in your career or your life?

I know what it’s like to feel off-track, lost, and confused. It’s disorienting, stressful, and no fun. My personal hardships and loss have been difficult. Yet looking back I now see that my struggles have also been the catalyst that I needed for my growth and development. Through a process of self-discovery, I have risen from the ashes to confidently move forward knowing and owning my inner strength and purpose. I have also been blessed to help others navigate their challenges.

4 wholistic challenges I frequently see:

Who Carol Coaches


Gain new perspective, create purposeful action steps forward, and experience greater self-confidence with strengths-based personal and group coaching.


Join a coaching group or plan a retreat to learn tools to achieve your goals while benefiting from group connection and support.

Team Building

Improve communication, culture and overall employee performance with customized retreats and coaching programs.

Lost & Found

If you have been lost, discouraged or short-on-faith, Carol’s insightful writing and coaching style will guide you inward to find the resilience and strength necessary to overcome adversity and to thrive.


What are the outcomes and results?

Client Praise

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