Wholistic Confidence

Achievable, consistent, complete well-being

Wholistic challenges I frequently see:

When you develop Wholistic Confidence - using awareness, action, and accountability - you can expect to...

Have you ever felt lost...off-track...or in the wrong place?

I know what it’s like to feel off course – that life hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would. For me it happened with my struggling marriage. Unhappy and unsure what to do, I was in a fog of confusion. My attempts to fix things didn’t last and only added to the knot of tension between us. Our eventual divorce left me single at 43 with two young sons to raise. This was not where I wanted to be. Yet there I was, feeling lost and alone. It was from this low place that I found a new way forward. I discovered a path to something I call Wholistic Confidence. I learned how to develop my heart, mind, body, and spirit in unison. Using my knowledge and experience I am uniquely positioned to help others become more conscious and confident. I would love to be your guide on your journey towards wholistic confidence. 

How we can work together


Gain new perspectives, create forward action steps, and experience greater self-confidence with strengths-based coaching for individuals and groups.


Custom retreat experiences teach your group tools for success while providing opportunities for collaboration and support.

Team Building

Improve communication, culture and overall employee performance with customized coaching programs for your team.

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