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Gain new perspective, create purposeful action steps forward, and experience greater self-confidence with strengths-based personal coaching.


Join a coaching group to learn tools to achieve your goals while benefiting from group connection and support.


Improve communication, culture and overall employee performance with customized retreats and coaching programs.


Executive Coach | Speaker | Author

Carol deLaski is an engaging Professional Certified Coach, dynamic speaker, and accomplished author who specializes in developing the strengths of businesses and individuals. Those who work with Carol experience significant growth, both personally and professionally, with a connectional coach whose warmth and joy is undeniable!

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Life coaching
Carol deLaski

Be Loved, My Beloved!

What does it feel like to be loved? Take a moment and think about a time when someone special (maybe a family member, friend or significant other) did something…or said something… that filled your love tank to the brim. Was

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Lost and Found
Carol deLaski

Finding Love Again

Can we really fall in love again after experiencing loss and disappointment? This was the question I cynically asked myself seven years after my first marriage ended in divorce. To be clear, in the years immediately following the divorce I

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