My Coaching Philosophy

As an executive coach, I specialize in adult leadership development. I am dedicated to identifying and expanding the natural and unique talents of individuals, teams, and their organizations. I believe that each person leads best with a foundational knowledge of their core strengths and attributes. As such, I begin each coaching engagement with the CliftonStrengths assessment. This well-respected tool highlights the positive qualities of an individual while also identifying areas and opportunities for growth.  

I believe that self-awareness is the key to leadership development. With increased consciousness, the individual sees more choices and clarifies the steps to create desired results. As such, I work with people who are ready to self-reflect and become more self-aware. Together we identify and celebrate what they do well while also setting intentional action steps to become even better at self-management and leadership. They are ready to learn, grow, and practice techniques to skillfully manage their unique talents as effectively as possible to bring about more of the positive results they desire. 

When individuals clearly understand their own strengths, they are better contributors to the teams and organizations to which they belong. Teams that understand how the members complement one another are more effective, productive, and impactful.  


I envision positively influencing the professional and personal development of people who are ready to develop their strengths and move forward to experience greater success and satisfaction in all areas of their lives.


To promote and support the strengths of individuals and businesses so that they can be all that they desire to be.

The Process

Partnering together, we begin with the CliftonStrengths assessment report to jumpstart thoughtful conversations about your top talents. Like a strengths scientist, we create hypotheses, action steps, and follow through to expand your self-awareness. In each session we discuss what you’ve observed, draw conclusions, and set new action steps to continue your growth. We maintain an open, curious mind and avoid limiting assumptions or labels.

As we work together, some specific areas we will focus on are:

  •         Recognize when a particular strength is too much of a good thing.
  •         Identify pairings and patterns where specific combinations of your top 10 strengths influence one another.
  •         Explore how your top strengths impact the ways in which you communicate, make decisions, manage time, and relate to others.
  •         Understand your leadership domains and learn your natural way of getting things done, whether through Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, or Strategic Thinking. 

During the entire process, I walk alongside you as you acknowledge your God-given talents, appreciate your unique design, and evolve into more of who you are called to be. My wholistic approach incorporates the development of the whole person: body, heart, mind, and spirit. As a result, you experience greater self-confidence and overall well-being

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