Do you have a team of employees who are trying to achieve a common goal? Maybe it’s to have better morale in the workplace, better communication, healthy conflict resolution or to be more productive. No matter what your challenge, Carol can help you achieve your common goal by providing you with practical tools that will give you and each team member insight regarding how they are contributing to the team. Carol will help your team:

  • gain greater awareness
  • create action steps
  • maintain forward momentum with accountability options

This can be accomplished through a custom coaching program, by arranging a retreat or workshop for you team, or both. 

Retreats and workshops will greatly help your team!

Carol delivers dynamic, interactive, and informative workshops for the professional development of executives and their teams. Her leadership training improves communication, teamwork, and overall corporate culture. She will expertly guide you and your team through the Clear Choices Process of building Awareness, taking Action, and arranging Accountability to maintain your forward momentum.

Carol offers retreats and workshops on a variety of topics. If you have another topic in mind, contact Carol for a customized retreat or workshop.

Strengths Related Topics

Introduction to Leading a Strengths-based Business – learn how to use a strengths approach to engage yourself, your staff, and your customers more effectively to achieve greater success.

Building Strong Businesses – Manage others more effectively using a strengths approach to create a dedicated workforce and a productive work environment.

Selling From Your Strengths – Gain confidence in using your unique strengths to prospect, problem-solve, negotiate/close, and retain customers.

Employee Engagement Topics

I Wish I Loved My Work – learn a 7 level framework to assess and increase your own, and others engagement at the office

Find Out What’s Holding You Back – learn four ways to overcome the major thought blocks that keep us from achieving the success we desire. This session is excellent for people who know what they want but habitually have difficulty moving forward and actualizing it.

Additional Personal and Professional Development Topics

Confident Communication

Healthy relationships, and businesses, are based on clear and effective communication. You and your staff will learn techniques to increase understanding and confidently express yourselves to peers, management and customers. This workshop can be presented with a dramatic twist.

One Word

A powerful yet simple tool to create focus and perspective for yourself and your team with a theme word for the year.

Discovering Inner Strength in Love and Faith

Develop your resilience and learn to face adversity more effectively with this interactive workshop based on Carol’s book, Lost and Found: Discovering Strength in Love and Faith.

The Power of Positivity

Learn the seven choices we can make to avoid draining energy and stay positive. This session is great for anyone who engages with the public on a regular basis!

The Change Game

Change is constant and the question is: are you shuffling, dealing, playing, or tossing in? This workshop is excellent for individuals or staff members who regularly manage changing circumstances.

Plays Well with Others

Are you an ostrich who avoids problems or do you like to grapple with them head on? Learn strategies to courageously face conflict situations and resolve them with greater ease. This workshop is particularly good for management or customer service staff.

Be More Decisive

Are you continually putting out fires and reacting to problems? In this workshop you will learn strategies to prioritize and make fast, accurate decisions that keep you moving forward towards the goals you have set for yourself. This interactive workshop is designed to improve overall productivity.

Better Balance

Are you or your employees stressed by the juggling act between work and home? What would it be like to be proactive and intentional more often to achieve a happy work/life balance? This workshop teaches ways to create work and life habits to assist you and your staff in reaching professional goals while enjoying life outside of work.

Find Your Confidence 

Courage to face challenges and overcome fears is something we each need. This workshop teaches techniques to tap into the inner reserves of courage and bravely step forward to create the success in your career, practice or business.                                                            

Benefits of working with Carol:

  • Greater confidence
  • Better communication
  • More effective teamwork
  • Improved overall organizational culture

Schedule a free consultation if you would like her to:

  • Speak to your group or organization.
  • Create a custom coaching program for your team.
  • Arrange a retreat or workshop for your team.

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