Individual Coaching

Private coaching with Carol incorporates three key ingredients. First, Awareness increases as you gain new perspectives and insights into your patterns of behavior. Utilizing proven assessments and tools, your coaching conversations will increase your level of self-awareness, the key to adult development. Second, meaningful, and achievable Action steps will move you towards your desired goals. With Carol, you will identify relevant and personalized action steps. Third, Accountability, or check-ins, keep you moving forward. Regular updates with Carol keep you on track and allow you to celebrate the wins and work with the misses as they occur. Over time, you will clearly see your progress and enjoy the benefits of your personal growth.

Group Coaching

Coaching groups provide a unique experience where participants learn tools for personal and professional leadership. Carol’s group experiences provide a safe zone for each person to do their own work while enjoying the benefits of learning from each other. The result is a learning environment that is both individualized and collective. Practicing respectful listening, non-judgment, and healthy boundaries together allows group member to learn what is personally relevant for him/her while contributing to the development of others.


Customized retreats provide opportunities for teams and groups to withdraw from their day-to-day responsibilities to learn and develop individually and collectively. Interactive programs provide a well-balanced blend of learning with relaxation and connection. Participants unplug from their daily grind in order to plug-in, gain fresh perspective and learn healthy tools and strategies for improved results and satisfaction when returning to the ‘real’ world.

Carol's Customized Retreat Programs Include:

Identify, develop, and apply the unique strengths of your team for greater results.

Learn proven strategies to deal with negativity to enjoy more positive energy at work and at home.

Using Carol’s Wholistic Wheel, participants learn 4 tools to support their heart, mind, body, and spiritual growth.

Harvesting wisdom from the ‘off-track’ or ‘flat-out-and-completely-lost’ experiences in life is the purpose of Carol’s Lost and Found programs. Losses may include work, relationships, health, aging, future dreams, and much more. As we move through the stages of loss, many of us reach a healthy turning point and choose to use it as a catalyst for growth.

Carol’s coaching book Lost and Found: Discovering Strength in Love and Faith is the basis for a faith-based customized retreat to develop participant’s inner strength and resilience. Sharing parts of her own story of overcoming adversity, Carol provides a safe space for participants to identify the lost times in their lives and the lessons they learned from moving through those challenges.

With personal insight they will develop their own strategies to bounce back from future life challenges. Attendees leave this retreat with a solid perspective and fresh tools to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

Carol is a talented keynote speaker on these topics:

Work/Life Balance and Integration

Wholistic Well-Being

Working and Living Your Strengths

Releasing Negativity

One Theme Word for Your Year

Where are you God? Discovering a personal faith

Client Praise