Lost and Found

Lost and Found Update

Do you know what you want more of in your life? Such awareness can be exciting…and at the same time overwhelming… maybe even a bit scary. Such positive and negative feelings often co-exist. The confidence of I know what I

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Be Calm – Labyrinth Walking

Do you ever have trouble quieting your mind? Is life so full of activities and obligations that you find it hard to settle down and be calm? At times, I can feel overly busy and in need of some peace

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Being Brave….Ready, Set, Go!

Harnessed by strong cables, I found myself in an unusual position high in the trees… facing upwards and glimpsing patches of blue sky. A team of eight women had pulled me into this position and awaited my decision to release

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Stop, Look, and Listen to Re-Balance

Do you ever struggle with balance…at work or at home? What would a healthy, interdependent, relationship with your co-workers, friends, or family look like? Interdependent may not be a word that we use very often, but I believe it holds

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Other Mothers

Have you ever been an Other Mother? You know, that person who gives encouragement, love, and sometimes advice to those outside your family whether they want it or not. I know I have. One of the things I have enjoyed

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Empowered Women

Finding Strength

What helps you get through the daily challenges of life? Where do you find the inner strength to manage the hurdles that occur? The wisdom that people share when I speak on this topic never ceases to inspire me. Together

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