What do you do when you’re down-in-the-dumps and want to lift your spirits? A proven way to shift energy from negative to positive is to focus on being grateful. When you do so, you change your perspective from a scarcity

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laughter, joy

Laughing is Good for You

Do you like to laugh? How do you do it? Are you one who likes to giggle, guffaw, snort… or do you smile quietly when something tickles your fancy? I’ve been thinking about the importance of a good laugh lately.

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Are You Ready for an Adventure?

Are You Ready for an Adventure? 07.05.17 “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ~ Helen Keller What do you think of when you hear the word Adventure? Daring…risky…exciting…maybe even a bit scary? Adventures often have an element

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unique, change, words, Seuss

One Word for 2017

This quote (by one of my favorite authors) reminds us to fully embrace our ‘You-ness’ and be unique. How will you blend your special gifts, strengths, and experiences, to continue being a ‘one-of-a-kind’ person in 2017? I find that using

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Personal Development

4 Steps to Be Confident

  Which words in this quote stand out to you? The word confidently resonates the most to me.  As I read it, I imagine myself striding purposefully towards my personal and professional dreams.  I am not lackadaisical or distracted, but

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Be your Best

Are you being all that you were created to be? Sometimes I answer this question with a resounding YES! It’s usually when I feel that I’m having a positive impact on my world and others….when I’m using my God-given talents

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